Long Pipes Ltd is an innovative Australian Company which is developing a revolutionary technology to manufacture a seamless continuous composite pipeline known as The Fluid Highway™.

The Fluid Highway™ will provide a more efficient, cost-effective and reliable alternative to existing pipeline technology in large volume, multiple, rapid production applications over long and short distances.

The company has successfully completed four pipeline projects and more pipeline projects planned.

Increasing Global Demand Across Multiple Markets

Long Pipes mission is to improve fluid distribution on a global scale by introducing a more efficient, cost effective and reliable alternative to existing pipeline technology in large volume and long distance applications. With a high level of manufacturing versatility, the Fluid Highway™ will be suitable for all global pipeline markets including oil and gas, process water, salt water, slurry, potable water, wastewater and carbon dioxide.

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The Unique Competitive Difference!

• Continuous, seamless composite pipe with no welding

• No Joints

• Light in weight

• High strength

• Fast production

• Cost effective

• Non corrosive

• Made on-site

Long Pipes Fluid Highway™ is a winner at the Australian Technologies Competition.

Long Pipes has received two major awards at the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition, Showcase and Awards event on Wednesday 2nd November, 2016. This event was held at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney where the Long Pipes Fluid Highway was awarded:- The Energy Resources Award that represents the best technologies from the Australian energy sector. This was awarded by Jill Stejduhar, General Manager of the National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) that is an Australian industry and federal government body. Jill said in her speech the judges considered that Long Pipes was “head and shoulders the winner”. The People’s Choice Award that voted Long Pipes by the audience as the best technology in all categories. The audience comprised representatives of the Australian and NSW government, the UK government, VC’s, investment institutions, banks, private investors, corporate advisors, patent attorneys and other technology company competitors. Long Pipes was presented with the award by Mr Paul Hogan of the NSW Department of Industry who stated the support for Long Pipes by the audience had been overwhelming. Long Pipes is proud to be a recipient of these awards from the Australian Technologies Competition audience and judging committee.