Long Pipes has moved from the initial idea of a continuous, seamless pipeline through to development and demonstration of a groundbreaking technology to bring concept to reality.

  • Laverton Pipeline Projects

    Completed 10km pipeline for Regus in Laverton Western Australia.


  • Certification Planned and More Pipeline Projects

    PLanning to start certification and more pipeline projects.

    Long Pipes Pty Ltd now becomes Long Pipes Ltd.

  • Project and Machine Improvement

    Major upgrades of Pipe Production Machine to meet safety and mine compliance.

    Completed two commercial projects, both 500 meters long for Harvey Water in Western Australia. The two pipelines are now in operation.

  • More Pipe Trials

    The pipe manufacturing machine had major modifications made to it. The process is now automated and all equipment is on a single trailer.

    Long Pipes has designed and built a sock forming machine that now makes the sock at very high speed ready for transport to site.

    A 700 metre long pipeline including two 90 degree bends has been manufactured and pressure tested on-site at Albany, Western Australia.

  • Pipe Trials and Production

    A highly experienced Board and CEO with a proven track record were appointed. A comprehensive testing program commenced and pipes up to 60 metres were made in the factory as part of scale up.

    Long Pipes successfully completed its first on-site project on a rural property in Western Australia. The irrigation project consisted of 240 metres of 300 mm diameter pipe made continuously.

  • Global supply agreements

    Long Pipes created the first strategic material supply arrangements with its major suppliers. These material suppliers all have a proven record globally and will be critical partners for Long Pipes in the journey to become a global company.

  • Multiple test pipes produced

    Multiple test pipes had been produced and in that year Long Pipes was awarded the Woodside Encouragement Award for Oil and Gas.

  • Research and Development Program

    Initial testing commenced in 2010, followed by a detailed research and development program.

  • Long Pipes Ltd formed

    Long Pipes Ltd was formed to develop the technology to realise this goal. The pipeline was named the Fluid Highway™ to reflect its ability to convey all fluids via a continuous pipeline highway.

  • Concept Development

    The idea of a light and durable continuous composite pipe made on-site was conceived in response to demand from pipeline owners, operators and engineers around the world.