The Fluid Highway™ is suitable for most pipeline market segments including oil and gas, process water, salt water, irrigation, slurry, potable water and wastewater.

Long Pipes has assessed the Australian and global pipeline markets and has found that there is demand for the Fluid Highway™ in the above market segments. The concept of a continuous composite pipe made on site is attractive no matter what fluid the pipe is conveying.

The Long Pipes strategy is to develop the technology locally and then, if practical, expand its operations into the global pipeline arena. Long Pipes will initially produce a pipe range, which will allow it to pursue a market penetration strategy in irrigation, coal seam gas and process water, as well as slurry pipeline applications. Once the technology is proven in Australia, the company intends to pursue a step-out strategy into adjacent as well as international markets.

The primary target is the oil and gas energy markets, where there is a very large global requirement for pipes. Long Pipes has received a lot of interest from the oil and gas sector outside of Australia for the Fluid Highway™.

This interest in the Fluid Highway™ from the oil and gas sector emanates from the following key design and materials characteristics:

• No welds;

• No joints;

• No corrosion;

• No gas leakage, particularly in cold conditions;

The global market is also interested in the Fluid Highway™ due to its manufacturing versatility, the ability to apply additional layers of materials for strength and other characteristics, as well as the benefits of corrosion resistant and leak-proof inner linings. The pipe can be designed to be resistant to UV, abrasion, bullets, fire and chemicals.

There are major concerns in North America about the safety and environmental effects of gas leaks and spills caused by steel pipeline failures. The Fluid Highway™ can potentially provide solutions to these and other operational issues that are difficult to address with existing pipeline technologies.

The versatile nature of the Fluid Highway™ can solve problems where solutions may not currently exist.