Market Segments

Oil and Gas

Long Pipes has had discussions with onshore and offshore oil and gas companies around the world.

In the gas sector, the coal seam and shale gas markets are large, particularly in North America where the Fluid Highway™ can add significant value by competing with existing pipe materials. The Fluid Highway™ has the advantage that it will be able to operate in very low temperatures and is not subject to brittle fracture. In Australia, the coal seam gas market presents an attractive growth market for the Fluid Highway™.

The Fluid Highway™ will be suitable for oil pipelines in a range of diameters and pressures. The Company is currently developing pipes up to 450 mm diameter in a range of operating pressures, with plans to extend the range to 1000 mm diameter.

Process Water

This market is primarily within the mining industry. Long Pipes has had discussions with a number of mining companies about the potential of providing the Fluid Highway™ for process water.

Saline Water

The polyurethane inner lining has high resistance to saline water and brine solutions and will increase the Fluid Highway™ attractiveness to such applications, making these an attractive market for Fluid Highway™ pipelines.


Long Pipes has worked closely with a number of companies to investigate the use of the Fluid Highway™ in various slurry applications. As a result the Fluid Highway™ is regarded as a premium product for this market with substantial cost savings achievable during construction.

Potable Water

Potable water pipelines are generally shorter in length and often in urban areas where there are many fittings needed. While this segment is not a priority for Long Pipes, long length overland pipelines do present an attractive market opportunity for the Company.


Wastewater pipeline transport opportunities are well suited to the Fluid Highway™, as the polyurethane inner liner displays a high resistance to attack by wastewater.