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Two Pipelines for Harvey Water in Operation

Long Pipes has completed two 380mm diameter pipelines in 2016 that were pressure tested and are now conveying irrigation water as a part of the Harvey Water system.

Each pipeline was 500 metres long and included flanges to connect to polyethylene pipe.

Harvey Water was pleased with the quality of the pipe and the professional way in which Long Pipes made the continuous pipe on-site.

Albany Pipeline Successfully Completed

In 2015 Long Pipes was commissioned to produce 700 metres of 330mm diameter pipe for an irrigation pipeline in Albany, Western Australia.

The project included two 90 degree bends and flanges ends that were joined to the Fluid Highway™ pipe by the butt wrap process.


The pipeline was pressure tested at 10 bar (1 MPa) that was well within the burst pressure of 100 bar for a 330 mm diameter pipe with four layers of glass.

This is the second pipeline completed in Western Australia and demonstrates that Long Pipes can repeatedly manufacture pipe constantly on the construction site.