Why is The Fluid Highway™ a game changer?

The Fluid Highway™ has been described as a "Game Changer". Through its unique and groundbreaking technology, the Fluid Highway™ has the potential to leapfrog conventional pipeline materials and construction methods to bring far-reaching changes and improvements to the pipeline industry.

Why is the Fluid Highway™ considered to be a game changer? The Fluid Highway™ will possess many industry competitive advantages in a range of applications, and offers an opportunity to address a number of limitations in existing pipe materials.


Whats different?

The advantages of the Fluid Highway™ include:

• Continuous pipe production with no welds and joints has a significant advantage over pipes made from conventional welded methods of construction, as joints are traditionally the weakest point of a pipeline. The Fluid Highway™ will do away with the need to weld every individual short pipe to the adjoining short pipe and hence eliminates the need for large teams of welders;

• The Long Pipe Fluid Highway™ is continuously lined from beginning to end with a thermoplastic polyurethane. As a consequence the Fluid Highway™ has a high level of internal corrosion resistance to saline water, hydrogen sulphide and other chemicals, resulting in the improvement of safety and environmental performance;

• The Fluid Highway™ is extremely strong and durable yet very light, making it easy to handle and requiring minimal heavy lifting machinery. The 1:100 bend radius allows it to follow contours and changes in direction;

• The Fluid Highway™ has the ability to accommodate extreme temperatures as well as large and rapid temperature variations during production and operation. This is particularly important in very low temperatures where the Fluid Highway™ will not suffer brittle fracture resulting in major gas leaks;

• On-site production in the field will significantly simplify the logistics chain. Traditionally pipes are made in factories with lengths generally up to 12 metres. Often these pipes are shipped from other countries over significant distances. They are then transported by truck to site where they are stored in a holding yard or strung out along the pipeline route. These pipes for oil and gas are then welded together ready for pipe laying. The Fluid Highway™ will produce the pipe continuously on site, avoiding the more complex issues associated with transport, storage and welding;

• Substantial cost savings: While the Fluid Highway™ supply costs will generally be very competitive, it is the site production costs where the large savings will generally be made due to speed and resource simplicity in production.

• A key competitive advantage will be the rapid rate of production on-site. The Fluid Highway's™ expected high rate of pipeline production affords the client the means to substantially reduce project delivery time and bring the pipeline into operation earlier and cheaper, using less on-site labour resources and equipment.

The Fluid Highway™ aims to become the "Game Changer" that pipeline owners, operators and engineers around the world are calling for.